A Big Hi Y'all

From Dallas Texas

Welcome fellow kettle corn lovers. Come on in and join us for the best kettle corn in Dallas.

Kettle Corn with a twist..... flavors

We realize that nothing is better than our fresh hot kettle corn, our flavored kettle corn is a close second. We continue to experiment with new flavors bringing our customers more tasty fun treats. Yes!! we do make custom color combinations for your special event.

Original Kettle Corn

The sweet and salty popcorn treat that is the favorite of festival and fair goers everywhere.

Black Pepper Kettle Corn

Our sweet and salty kettle corn with fresh black ground pepper glazed on. Sweet yummy kettle corn with a black pepper zing.

Cinnamon Toast Kettle Corn

The smell alone is addicting, this is our sweet and salty kettle corn with a fresh and pure cinnamon coating.

Jingle Bells Kettle Corn

A favorite of elves everywhere, this seasonal kettle corn is a mix of apple, cherry and original kettle corn.

Caramel Apple Kettle Corn

Our caramel kettle corn with apple flavored kettle corn. A fun festive flavor.

Texas BBQ Kettle Corn

Packed with Texas flavor this is a sweet bbq flavored kettle corn.
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Witches Brew Kettle Corn

A colorful blend of witchy kettle corn flavors make up this fall brew. A fan favorite for goblins of all sizes.

Caramel Corn

Our caramel kettle corn is not your everyday caramel corn. This is our farm fresh corn popped and glazed at the same time to avoid the sticky mess.

Honey Habanero Kettle Corn

This is a Big D exclusive formula, a sweet and spicy adult flavor. While it is not crazy hot it packs a sweet zing.

Natural 100%
Fun 100%
Gluten Free 100%
Delicious 100%
Non Gmo 100%
Vegan 100%

About Big D Kettle Corn

We are making unique flavors of kettle corn on site. Some common….. original kettle corn, caramel corn, some not so common, like our new honey habanero. We are constantly trying new flavors adding to our already deep flavor selection. Our cinnamon toast flavor is a hit with everyone at our house from 3 year olds, to our 80 year old mother. The smell of that particular flavor floating in the air is amazing.

We are an artisan kettle corn company. We take pride in our products. We use farm fresh corn from small family growers and pure cane sugars. Our ground booths are unique and festive and much of it is custom made with reclaimed woods and corrugated metals. We put the same thought and care into the presentation of our kettle corn as we do to its preparation.

Receptions, Reunions … Parties

Yes we love a good party too. We, can set up a booth at your party or supply you with fresh bagged kettle corn, for any occasion. School events, birthdays, municipal events, tailgate parties, you name the party we can make a complimentary flavor and or package. We have the experience to make your party special. Contact Us and tell us what you have in mind.

Fairs and Festivals

Being festive type people, we love fairs and festivals. If you are looking for a unique kettle corn vendor, contact us. We participate in festivals from 1000 to 100000 people all over North Texas. We have extensive references and multiple setups to provide your event with the best Kettle Corn in Texas.

Corporate and Church Events

We know corporate types like to have fun too. What is more fun than kettle corn? The smell of kettle corn cooking is a wonderful addition any event! Don’t have the time or space for our equipment? Let us pop up a special order for your event. It is best to book ahead for your event, contact us for availability and pricing.

Nutrition Facts – Kettle Corn

Calories130Iron 0%
Total Fat 7 gVitamin C0%
Saturated1 gVitamin A0%
Sodium200 mgCholesterol 0 mg
Potassium0 mgTrans0 g
Total Carbs17 gMonounsaturated0 g
Dietary Fiber 3 gPolyunsaturated0 g
Sugars4 gCalcium 0%
Protein2 g

Farm to festival corn

We are happy to be bring our corn direct from the grower to you, this is the freshest farm sourced corn available. Honestly you can taste the freshness. As always, we are working on some new flavors at an event near you. We look forward to sharing these fun new flavors with you.